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All About Me!

Getting to Know Food Blogger Amanda:

My love of food has been years in the making. I grew up with a mother who cooked wonderful homemade meals and I was relatively unaware of such food items as "Hamburger Helper" or "microwave dinners." By the age of five, I was making scrambled eggs and cheese for myself. It wasn't long after that I schemed up various breakfasts for the whole family. I enjoyed being at the stove and creating delectable treats from scratch.

As an elementary student I remember having a strong dislike of school "lunches" and begged my mother to let me have cold lunch. She promised under one condition: she would only be responsible for buying the food; I would have to make my lunches. I agreed to this arrangement and proceeded to enjoy sandwiches, Goldfish, cookies, fruit, etc. for the rest of my school years.

As a high school student, I knew I would need to learn how to cook the meals I liked best as I would soon be off at college. I spent those four years learning from my mother some of my favorite recipes and became one of few college students who knew how to make the school dining experience palatable. I remember vividly on Sunday brunch days that they would have the breakfast (e.g. boiled eggs) and lunch food (e.g. sandwich bar with mayo & mustard) items out, so I could make deviled eggs. Everyone who sat with me was fascinated by this process and soon I had several others whipping up personal batches of deviled eggs!

It was in college that I found my husband, and as every girl knows: "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach." When he and I moved out into the world after college, I already had a full set of kitchen supplies and I loved the idea of having my own kitchen space filled with the foods we liked! It wasn't long before the pantry and fridge were both filled to overflowing with the necessary ingredients for my concoctions. Our monthly grocery bill soon exceeded the mortgage and we laughed that we should love food so much!

Now, the time has come to start a food blog. I have this overwhelming desire to track my food making conquests and share them with other food lovers! Some of my foods will be my own creations that I have perfected over the years; others will come from the wonderful source of recipes that is the Internet or Betty Crocker; and sometimes I may just share foods from my favorite restaurants or gadgets that might be beneficial to you in your kitchen.

As a fun little side note, all of the pictures for my entries will be taken either by my husband or me.  He has become quite the amateur photographer and I’m learning some tricks of the trade myself. In some senses, this blog is also a chance to experiment with our artistic side through digital photography.  And now, to the blogging!