Strawberry Long Island!

After visiting a local restaurant (Grizzly's) and discovering a Strawberry Long Island, I set out to make my own version of this wonderful drink! Now, I share this tasty beverage with you...

Ingredients (for 2)
8 medium strawberries
2 oz gin
2 oz rum (Captain Morgan spiced if you have it)
2 oz vodka
2 oz triple sec
1 can of lemon-lime soda
Ice cubes

Cut off the top of the strawberries and place them in a blender. Pour the one cup of liquor mixture with the strawberries and blend. Strain the strawberry mixture into a liquid measuring cup. Add the lemon-lime soda until the measuring cup is at about 2 cups.
Pour the Strawberry Long Island over ice, half into one glass and half into another glass. Top off with remaining lemon-lime soda (if you desire).

The strawberries add a great flavor to the long island!

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