Delicious Burgers with all the fixings!

Burgers are a classic, American tradition... and everyone has their own way of doing it. As I do not own an outdoor grill, I usually use the Foreman to cook mine up. Despite not being cooked over the coals, it comes out pretty darn good!

Chicken Mediterranean Pizza

As I have gotten older, made more of my own food, and developed my tastes, I have discovered that I am very particular about my food. I wouldn't even call it "picky" as that implies that I don't like to eat food. Rather, I find that if I can make something myself better than the restaurant at which we are eating, I am disinclined to order the food item.

Curried Shrimp with Vegetable Stir Fry is a tasty treat for a warm summer day!

There is nothing quite like fresh vegetables and shrimp on a warm summer's day. Since Minnesota has finally warmed up (I think we got to a whopping 80 degrees F today), I decided it was time for shrimp!


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