Weekly Menu #3 to Help Lose Weight!

Week three and holding steady! Once again a combo of healthy but delicious eating has paid off and I was able to lose about 2 pounds of my Christmas weight! Double yay!!!

As was stated in my previous weekly menu posts, one of the hardest parts about losing weight has to do with the time required to stick to a healthy plan and this week seriously put me to the test. We started our week with a massive pancake breakfast fundraiser at my school; let's just say dinner was small that day. Then, Masters classes started back up and Destination Imagination meetings keep going later and later. While it does take up valuable time to make a meal plan and stick with it, I made myself trudge on because it is working!

Check out week three of eating within the points!

The menu is arranged on a Sunday through Friday schedule, with Saturdays as "Free Days" (hereby being defined as not scheduled due to the likelineses of having plans with friends and not being in total control of your menu planning). Meal suggestions include breakfasts, lunches, and dinners for each day followed by the WW Points Plus points for each meal (click here for an estimated Weight Watchers Points chart by height and weight).

I hope this menu helps you stay on track! Just click on the pictures below for the recipes. Enjoy!


Lunch Dinner
8 points (2 slices French Toast)
8 point (1 sausage pattie & 2 links)
points (12 oz orange juice)
5 points (4 cups popcorn, no butter)
4 points (1 serving Pretzal M&Ms)
3 points (1 baked potato)
2 points (.5 oz cheese)
2 points (1 tbsp Top the Tater)


Lunch Dinner
5 points (1/2 eggwich)
0 points (1 banana)
8 points (Tuna sandwich)
0 points (baby carrots)
11 points (1.5 chicken enchiladas)
1 points(salsa sour cream on salad)


Lunch Dinner
2 points (1 fried egg)
3 points (1 slice toast with butter)
0 points (1 banana)
7 points (1 chicken enchilada)
0 points (baby carrots)
13 points (6" Subway tuna)
4 points (1 oz potato chips)
2 points (6 oz cola)


Lunch Dinner
5 points (1 omelet)
3 points (1 English muffin
with Jelly)

7 Points (1 chicken enchilada)
0 Points (baby carrots)

7 points (Mac'n'Cheese)
6 points (5 tenders)


Lunch Dinner
2 points (1 fried egg)
3 points (1 slice toast with butter)
0 points (1 banana)
8 points (1 tuna sandwich)
0 points (baby carrots)
9 points (6 oz fried chicken)
6 points (.5 lb mashed potatoes)
2 points (1 serving gravy)


Lunch Dinner
1 point (turkey stick)
1 point (fat free cottage cheese)
0 points (1 apple)
8 points (1/2 Bacon Burger)
4 points (1 cup Caesar salad)
15 points (2 fish tacos)
4 points (1 oz chips)


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