Sticking to those (Pesky) New Year's Food Resolutions!

It has been a month since my last post due to a particularly hectic December, so I shall make my first post of the New Year epic. This particular post will be a little different in style; I aim to provide a suggestion for how to stick with a New Year's Resolution of eating healthier and losing weight. As I am on the WeightWatchers Points Plus program, I will also provide a listing of how many points each meal is worth. For those not on the plan, I have given some rough estimates of how many daily points you would get based on your height, weight, and as someone who is just starting a weight-loss program.

Weight Height Points
160 lbs 5'8" 27-30 daily
170 lbs 5'8" 32-34 daily
180 lbs 5'8" 37-40 daily
200 lbs 5'8" 42-44 daily

The hardest part about losing weight seems to come from a lack of time (and perhaps motivation) to stick with the plan. I understand the challenges of a busy schedule; between teaching, taking masters classes, and coaching various after school activities, my time is limited. It often seems easier to eat out or buy frozen foods than to take time to cook at home. In order to alleviate the "pains" of making food at home, I hope to provide the necessary tools through a weekly menu of delicious, easy-to-make, healthy foods and the recipes with accompanying photos. Thus, I invite you to join me on this experiment of healthy eating week-by-week!

The menu will be arranged on a Sunday through Friday schedule, with Saturdays as "Free Days." Suggestions will include breakfasts, lunches, and dinners for each day followed by the WW Points Plus points for each meal. I hope this menu helps you stay on track!  Just click on the pictures below for the recipes. Enjoy!

Lunch Dinner
8 points (2 slices + syrup) 8 points (1 serving pasta and alfredo)
3 points (1 breadstick)
7 points (2 egg rolls)
5 points (1 cup fried rice)


Lunch Dinner

10 points (1 sandwich) OR
5 points (1/2 sandwich + Fruit)
9 points 9 points (1 fajita with all fillings)
4 points (1 oz taco chips)
Lunch Dinner
7 points (1 sandwich) 5 points (1 salad) 14 points (1 crunchwrap)
4 points (1 oz chips)
Lunch Dinner
4 points (1 serving) 8 points (1 wrap)
4 points (1 oz chips)
15 points (2 fish tacos)
4 points (1 oz chips)
Lunch Dinner
5 points (1 omelet)
3 points (1 English muffin with Jelly)
12 points 10 points (1 sandwich, no slaw)
2 points (with coleslaw)
Lunch Dinner
4 points (1 smoothie) AND
2 points (1 fried egg) AND / OR
3 points (1 piece toast with butter)
8 points (1 sandwich)
4 points (1 oz chips)
4 points (3 oz roast beef)
4 points (6 oz mashed potatoes)
1 point (1/4 cup gravy)

NOTE: for this week's menu, I chose not to show any repeating foods. However, when making items like pulled pork or roast beef, you will undoubtedly have leftovers. Next week we will capitalize on those leftovers and try to get creative so you don't eat the same meal everyday for a week! Hope you enjoyed this visual menu!

P.S. I am working on a grocery list for the aforementioned menu. I will post it as soon as I get it up and running!

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Weekly Menu