Baked raised donuts - not the same as fried, but good nonetheless!

In an attempt to be healthy, but also to try out my mini donut maker, I decided to attempt some recipes for baked donuts.

Tortilla Cup Desserts

I was searching around the internet one day for tasty desserts to serve at a party I was hosting and came across this amazing recipe from Taste of Home called "Tortilla Dessert Cups." I made some minor modifications and came out with one of the best desserts I've ever had. It kept well for about a week in my refrigerator and was low in calories to boot!

Mini Food, Big Taste - Dessert in a Cup (Post 4 of 4)

Finally, what would a night of appetizers be without a little dessert to finish it off? After polishing off the mini burgers, fries in a shot glass, and pigs in a blanket, it was time for a little dessert snack: hot chocolate and donuts!

1 envelope hot chocolate mix
6 oz water
1 package small cake donuts or donut holes
Bailey's (optional)
Pepperidge Farm Pirouettes (optional)

Best Darned Cake Ever! (if you like chocolate, caramel, & cream cheese frosting)

I am always trying out new recipes and experimenting with them until I've found something I really enjoy. Every once in a while, I even stumble across something particularly awesome.  Our new favorite cake consists of Devil's food cake, caramel, hot fudge, toffee pieces, and homemade cream cheese frosting! It is a delightfully decadent cake for all to enjoy!

Delicious, Homemade Ice Cream Sandwiches!

I spent the day care-taking for two elementary aged children and one of our adventures included making our very own ice cream sandwiches! The children enjoyed mixing the ingredients together for the sandwich part and loved the end result: Neapolitan ice cream sandwiches! Next time we're even going to make our own ice cream to go in them, but we'll save that for a later recipe...


Grasshopper Brownies - with and without coconut!

I was in Alaska last summer and visited a nice tourist town called Seward. While there, my sister and I wandered around and discovered this cute cafe/bakery place. I cannot for the life of me remember the name of the cafe, but I do remember that they had the most incredible brownies I've ever had. I tried looking up the cafe, but I wasn't able to find the name of these delectable brownies!

Caramelized Onion Tarts!

This past January I married a wonderful young man whom shares my love of food. At the wedding, there were these delicious goat cheese tarts with carmelized onions. Unfortunately, because we had to be in the receiving line, we only got one of these tasty treats.

Warm, Fresh Baked Strawberry Pie!

Usually when I bake a "strawberry" anything pie, it's a strawberry rhubarb. However, my friend was visiting from out of town and special requested a warm, strawberry pie with top and bottom crusts. I loosely based my recipe on a blueberry pie recipe that my grandma taught me. It worked out fabulously! One caution: warm strawberry pie does not have time to congeal properly, so it will leak delicious strawberry goo in the pan. No worries!

Tuxedo Brownie Cups - Another innovative way to make your brownies more fun!

My mom is a huge Pampered Chef fan and is always trying out their recipes. When she throws little get-togethers, I am fortunate enough to be invited and have the pleasure of taste-testing these delights. One of my absolute favorite recipes is called Tuxedo Cups.

Cheesecake brownies (includes: from scratch and from the box methods)

I have always had a bit of a sweet tooth and nothing gets me like a really good chocolate cake or chewy delicious brownies! When my mom started making cheesecake brownies I thought I was in Heaven! They have all the delicious chewy-ness of regular brownies with the added bonus of a cheesecake-like layer. This fantastic dessert will leave your guests begging for the recipe.


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