Pesto Sauce for Pasta / Gnocchi

Because the school year presses me for time but I still enjoy eating delicious food, I have had to come up with creative ways to make quick and delicious meals. Fortunately, Betty Crocker was there for me!

Chili: a filling, tasty meal!

My mom always made this chili growing up that wasn't really chili at all. Apparently my dad was a picky eater and disliked all the fun parts of chili... you know, like the beans, tomatoes, etc? So I essentially grew up with chili flavored ground beef.

Later in life I discovered that all those ingredients I'd been missing out on were amazing in chili! I mean, they are chili! So, here's a take on my mother's old recipe of flavored ground beef and real chili! :)

Biscuits and Gravy!

I used to dislike breakfast foods. It would be 9:00 in the morning and the whole family (cousins, uncles, aunts, etc) would go out for a good, Sunday breakfast at Perkins or a similar establishment. Everyone would be psyched to order omelets, pancakes, bacon, eggs, etc.... everyone except me. For years and years I would always ask the server if they could please bring me a sandwich.

Delicious, Homemade Ice Cream Sandwiches!

I spent the day care-taking for two elementary aged children and one of our adventures included making our very own ice cream sandwiches! The children enjoyed mixing the ingredients together for the sandwich part and loved the end result: Neapolitan ice cream sandwiches! Next time we're even going to make our own ice cream to go in them, but we'll save that for a later recipe...


As promised: Fried Rice!!!

I love love love fried rice! So I spent a day searching online comparing various recipes for fried rice and utilized this information to create my own, delicious fried rice!

It doesn't taste dry like the cheap stuff from Chinese restaurants and is made from brown rice (not the nutrient free white rice most restaurants use), so it will be different... but in a good way!

Check it out...

Egg Rolls from Scratch; baked, not fried!

My mom always used to make egg rolls growing up and they were amazing! Nothing in the restaurants compared to mom's egg rolls. However, she would only make them for special occasions because they were so putzy. One day, she taught me how to make them and I've been experimenting with them ever since.

Eggs Benedict makes for a Stellar breakfast, albeit slightly messy in the blender...

My husband and I are big lovers of Egg's Benedict, in large part because of the tasty hollandaise sauce that smothers this breakfast delight.

This morning I was inspired to try my hand at making the sauce from scratch once more. I used the "blender method" this time and while it worked spendidly, my blender did manage to spew melted butter across the countertops and nearby appliances. I will have to perfect the use of the blender...

The best Lasagna ever! (or at least, the best I've ever had...)

My mother has always made the BEST lasagna I've ever had. Whenever we went to a restaurant or over to someone else's house and they were serving lasagna, it just never compared to my mom's homemade lasagna. The sauce wouldn't be quite right or there wouldn't be enough cheese or, worst of all, there would be sausage in the lasagna! I mean, sausage?!

Chicken fajitas with garden fresh green pepper!

My green bell pepper plants have finally produced large enough peppers for eating, so I came up with some tasty meals that could incorporate my garden fresh peppers. The first one was the steak sandwich. Then, considering my husband's inexplicable love of "Mexican" food and all things wrapped in a tortilla, I decided to make Chicken Fajitas!

Ham, Cheese, and Everything Egg Bake!

*Note: prepare the egg bake the night before you need it!

Growing up, I had never had egg bake. We made scrambled eggs, over easy eggs, deviled eggs, omelets, and used eggs for baking, but we never made egg bake. My mother-in-law, however, makes it on special occasions and it is probably one of my favorite breakfast foods!


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