Mini Food, Big Taste - Pigs in a Blanket (Post 2 of 4)

Of course, there were so many options for mini foods, so I couldn't just stop at hamburgers and fries. That same night I decided I would also serve mini pigs in a blanket to my guests! So many mini foods, so little time.

Mini Food, Big Taste - Burgers and Fries! (Post 1 of 4)

Mini food is apparently all the rage, so I decided to try my hand at arranging mini appetizers for the pleasure of my guests. My first stop was to Kohls where I picked up a set of white espresso cups with matching saucers.  They are absolutely adorable!

Fresh Mozzarella just can't be beat!

As my mother's wedding day nears, I've been experimenting with various appetizers. The goal is to find some quick and easy apps that are still tasty. First, I practiced my deviled egg making skills. Then I moved on to a simple but elegant looking dessert: tuxedo cupcakes. Now, it's time for an excellent finger food: cheese and crackers!

Caramelized Onion Tarts!

This past January I married a wonderful young man whom shares my love of food. At the wedding, there were these delicious goat cheese tarts with carmelized onions. Unfortunately, because we had to be in the receiving line, we only got one of these tasty treats.

Chili con Queso Dip from Scratch!

My friend bought me a "Taste of Home Slow Cooker Recipe Cards" book after getting me an awesome slow cooker as a present. Having never used a slow cooker before (aka crock pot), I started sifting through the recipe book hoping to find something simple and tasty.

Delightful Deviled Eggs at their most basic!

I love appetizers! There have been times where I made an entire "meal" out of my favorite appetizers because I love them so much. And who says appetizers have to come before a meal? Why can't they be the meal? :)

Spicy Dipping Oil for your Focaccia bread needs!

If you're a fan of dipping focaccia bread in olive oil and/or balsamic vinegar, then have I got a treat for you! My husband and I were out in California for our wedding and whilst hanging out in Napa Valley (gorgeous!) we stopped by a restaurant called Celadon. Before we had our meal, they served their own homemade focaccia bread and Spicy Dipping Oil. It was so incredibly flavorful, that I asked the server what was in it.

Focaccia Bread versus Focaccia Bread! Who will win: my homemade version or the bakery's?

Lately, I have had a craving for these turkey paninis I used to get at a local cafe called "The Blue Note." I used to go there at least once a month either to enjoy a night of salsa dancing or eat their famous paninis. This past weekend, I was hanging out with the former owners of the cafe and finally got the recipe from them.


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