How to make your own Beef and Cheddar Melts!

If you've ever been to Arby's fast food restaurant and tried a beef 'n' cheddar melt, you know how tasty, but simple they are. If you've never been, you're not really missing out because I'm going to teach you how to make your own version but even better than the restaurant one.
My husband always had two major gripes about Arby's:
1) they were not particularly well-valued (i.e. expensive for what you actually got)

Mediterranean Eggs - taking the classics and adding some pizzazz!

For many years, I disliked breakfast food. I remember traveling with my family and stopping at Perkins. Everybody else ordered omelets, pancakes, toast, cereal, bacon, etc... except me. I always ordered some kind of sandwich, even if it was 9:00 in the morning! The waitresses usually gave me a funny look, prompting me to inquire "is it too early for lunch food?" to which they would smile and reply "No, of course not."

Warm, Fresh Baked Strawberry Pie!

Usually when I bake a "strawberry" anything pie, it's a strawberry rhubarb. However, my friend was visiting from out of town and special requested a warm, strawberry pie with top and bottom crusts. I loosely based my recipe on a blueberry pie recipe that my grandma taught me. It worked out fabulously! One caution: warm strawberry pie does not have time to congeal properly, so it will leak delicious strawberry goo in the pan. No worries!

Tuxedo Brownie Cups - Another innovative way to make your brownies more fun!

My mom is a huge Pampered Chef fan and is always trying out their recipes. When she throws little get-togethers, I am fortunate enough to be invited and have the pleasure of taste-testing these delights. One of my absolute favorite recipes is called Tuxedo Cups.

Buttermilk Pancakes from Scratch!

There was nothing quite like mom's weekend breakfasts growing up. She would make pancake batter from scratch (I didn't even know about boxed batters until I was in high school) and whip up a stack of the perfect-sized pancakes. Then we would complete the meal would scrambled eggs & cheese along with some bacon! There is nothing quite like a few strips of crispy bacon to go with pancakes smothered in syrup.

Homemade Lemonade is Awesome on a Hot, Summer's Day!

It was a warm, summer's day. The air was muggy, the mosquitoes flew lazily across the yard, and the sweat was dripping ever so slowly between the spines of all those who dared venture out doors. Mouths were parched and it was decided that lemonade must be created.

Chili con Queso Dip from Scratch!

My friend bought me a "Taste of Home Slow Cooker Recipe Cards" book after getting me an awesome slow cooker as a present. Having never used a slow cooker before (aka crock pot), I started sifting through the recipe book hoping to find something simple and tasty.

Delicious Burgers with all the fixings!

Burgers are a classic, American tradition... and everyone has their own way of doing it. As I do not own an outdoor grill, I usually use the Foreman to cook mine up. Despite not being cooked over the coals, it comes out pretty darn good!

How to make your own Wapatui!

Happy fourth of July everyone! As Americans, we believe firmly in food, drinks, and fireworks to celebrate our fourth of July. Therefore, I thought it appropriate to make my first Wap!

Sandwiches can be art too!

This is less of a recipe and more of a how to make a typical lunchtime meal decorative as well as tasty. For this particular task, you will need the following:

2-3 kinds of bread (whole wheat, Italian)
2-3 of your favorite cheeses (I recommend: boxing cheddar, colby jack, and munster)
2-3 of your favorite deli meats (salami, turkey, ham


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